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23 January 2016 @ 03:36 pm
Welcome to janiizu_subs, alias jss. We're a subbing team which subs mainly anything that we're capable of doing.
Please do not mistaken us for another similar name team. ^^
Our team isn't an exclusive team that focuses only on a particular Johnny's group, we try to focus on every single group (and juniors, if possible)
Our team doesn't just translate our projects in English alone, sometimes, we do provide translation in Bahasa Indo/Melayu as well.
Please be reassured that we always do our best to bring the best to everyone who watches our work.

Our community will always be under moderation, meaning to say, membership is moderated. And most of the time, our files will be member-locked,
so only the community members have access to them. Only during special occasions or when we feel like it, the entry itself will remain accessible to the general public for a few days.
Why moderated? Because we only want genuine Johnny's fans to be here. After all, they are the ones why we're all gathered together.

Well, nothing is completed without sets of rules. Rules exist for a reason.
Please ensure you've read everything carefully, if you do not want your application to be rejected.

1. Do not reupload our videos on sharing sites (e.g : Mega, Mediafire, G-drive, 4shared & others.)

2. Do not upload our videos onto streaming sites (e.g : YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook & etc.)

3. Do not hotlink to our download page, or share our links outside of the community.

4. We're doing this for free, so do not sell or distribute our subbed videos in any form of method.

5. Do not share any sort of content (e.g : download links, files, passwords & etc) that you can find here through any sorts of communication (that includes no private chats.) If your friend wishes to watch the videos, please ask them to join the community.

6. Do not claim that our work belongs to you, because obviously it doesn't. It's our hardwork, it's just too low and cheap to steal someone's work.

7. We do not guarantee that our translation are 100% correct, and I certainly do not recommend translating further since some of the meaning are already lost throughout the re-translation from Japanese to English. But if you still wish to re-translate, please PM me. Also, please note that we do not provide softsubs, you've to work on your own softsubs from scratch. (Question: Name 5 leaders of any Johnny's group - Debuted groups)

8. Do not re-modify our files in any ways. (E.g : renaming, re-encoding & etc.) Note : Renaming for your own collection is allowed, but renaming with the intention of re-distributing is NOT allowed.

9. And, don't mention our full name or best, not to mention about us for security purposes. If you have to do so, mention about our community only on private chat.

1. We only accept livejournal users.

2. As of after 23rd of June 2016, users that applied to join must have commented a bare minimum of 55 times.

3. As of after 19th of August 2016, users that applied to join must have at least 3 public/private entries with content. (Absolutely NO empty journals.)
☼ DO NOT expect just by posting pictures with a few words/without words to be considered as an entry with content. If you're wondering what counts as a content, here is an example : Any amount that we find that can be counted as an entry with content. (If you want to play safe, it should be lengthy.)
☼ For private entries, please make sure that either one of the moderators can view them.
4. Your account must be at least 65 days old

How to join?
  • Answer the hidden question, put the answer as the subject of your comment.
  • Introduce yourself, tell us your nickname/name and where are you from. Feel free to include any other details.
  • Tell us which your JE fandom you're part of/which JE solo artiste or group do you like, your ichiban (for groups) and when did you join the JE fandom. It's okay if you forgot when you joined the fandom, just give us a rough estimation of the year.
  • Why do you like your ichiban/What triggered you to become their fan?
  • Promise to abide to the rules, and restate them in your own words. Please do not copy and paste, if we see that, you'll automatically be rejected.
  • Explain why do you have to follow the rules. Note : Restating of our rules and explaining why you should follow the rules should not be the same answer.
  • Tell us how you manage to find this community.
  • Some funfacts about yourself OR you can choose to find some puns (you can google on them if you have absolutely no idea.)
  • Tell us, what are some of your favorite solo songs by any JE artiste. If, you really happen to prefer group/duo songs rather than solo songs OR if you really like any former JE artiste's song (provided that their song is released back when they're still with JE), you're welcome to mention that instead.
  • Click on the join community button after you've commented.

Latest membership processed : 10th June, 2018 (12:24PM JST)
*Please give us some time to go through your comment/application, if latest by 45 days we've not given you any reply, feel free to re-apply once more.
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